Learn about the cybersecurity posture of government contractors.

As enterprises in the private sector have become more interconnected, so has the Federal Government. With many data breaches and security incidents stemming from third party vendors, understanding and managing the cyber risk posed by contractors, subcontractors, and other third parties has never been more important.

Many of 2017’s biggest data breaches occurred in the Government sector, with a significant portion originating or involving a contractor, subcontractor, or third party service.

In this on-demand webinar, Noah Simon (Product Marketing Manager, BitSight) and John Burger (Data Scientist, BitSight) as they analyze BitSight’s findings on common security issues found within the supply chain of the Federal Government, and what any organization managing third party risk needs to know. In this webinar, they will discuss:

  • The level of cyber risk that contractors pose to the Federal Government, and how that compares to the Federal Government’s security itself.
  • How contractors deal with system compromises, and the reach of compromises and data breaches.
  • Best practices for managing third party cyber risk and analyzing weak links in your supply chain.
On-Demand: Analyzing the Security Posture of US Government Contractors & Subcontractors