Access Google Cloud’s Bitsight Security Data

Discover Bitsight’s cyber risk analysis of Google Cloud

Assessing and onboarding Google Cloud is easy and streamlined with Bitsight Vendor Risk Management (VRM). Bitsight VRM provides an objective, comprehensive view of a vendor’s cybersecurity performance using cybersecurity data proven to correlate with an organization’s risk of suffering a ransomware attack or data breach. Organizations utilizing Google Cloud can now evaluate the cloud provider’s cybersecurity hygiene through Bitsight, gain trusted and automated analysis of Google Cloud’s cyber posture.

When accessing Google Cloud’s profile with Bitsight Vendor Risk Management, you can confidently manage risk and vendor due diligence, including access to:

  • Bitsight’s repository of Google Cloud’s responses to questionnaires, certifications, and attestations.
  • Objective cybersecurity data surrounding Google Cloud’s cybersecurity performance, including analysis and risk trends.
  • Easy-to-use vendor risk management tools to strengthen your partnership.

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