A Guide To Effective Reporting For Third Party Risk Management

Are you successfully communicating your program status to your stakeholders?

Your organization’s stakeholders each come with their own goals and objectives that you have to take into account when presenting your program status. As vendor managers, you are asked to provide a diverse scope of program data, commonly including:

  • How has our investment in cybersecurity improved our business?
  • How does our third-party risk management performance stack up against our competitors?
  • Who are our riskiest vendors?
  • Where should we target our funding moving forward?
  • Are we at-risk for a data breach?

With Bitsight’s reporting capabilities, customers are able to find the right report for their specific program needs. Customers can also sort through all of the offered reports if they aren’t sure where to start, to discover a data presentation that works best for them. With the right reports that properly represent the work of the cybersecurity team in a way that executives and company stakeholders can understand, decision making can be more efficient and impactful.

This guide highlights the reports most commonly used by Bitsight for Third Party Risk Management customers, including the following categories:

  • Company Overview and Executive Reporting
  • Comparisons
  • History and Trends
  • And more!

Download our reporting guide to get started on the right path to successful cybersecurity reporting.

A Guide To Effective Reporting For Third Party Risk Management