BitSight Delivers Mobile Risk Ratings for Carriers, Enterprises and Individuals

Quantifying mobile risk will help organizations decide which technologies and policies to implement around their networks. 

Date: March 24, 2014

With cyber security a growing priority within the mobile business, BitSight’s risk ratings allow organizations to objectively measure, compare and mitigate mobility risk

BitSight Technologies, the standard in Security Ratings, today announced a risk ratings service for mobility networks.  With this solution carriers, enterprises and individual users within mobile/wireless networks will benefit from an improved understanding of risk as they utilize mobile services.

Quantifying mobile risk will help organizations decide which technologies and policies to implement around their networks.  Rather than guessing about the risk posed by wireless hotspots and other networks, BitSight ratings enable:

  1. Accurate observation of mobile malware
  2. Security ratings for mobile network providers
  3. Benchmarking of mobile services
  4. Security awareness for mobile users


How the BitSight Security Ratings Platform Works

Using online sensors placed at strategic points around the Internet, the BitSight Security Ratings platform collects and analyzes publicly available traffic flowing to and from an organization. Behaviors, such as the existence of mobile malware or communication with a known botnet, are analyzed for severity, frequency, duration and confidence to create an overall rating of the organization’s current security health. Ratings are derived entirely from the outside; no special disclosures are required and no intrusive testing is conducted on the rated company.

Delivered as a SaaS offering, key features of the service include:

  • Up-to-Date Security Ratings – BitSight processes and analyzes terabytes of data daily to rate organizations, including the world’s most popular data and outsourced service providers in the hosting, storage, and communications sectors. New ratings are presented daily via the Customer Portal.
  • Timely Alerts – BitSight customers are alerted of significant changes to their partner ratings so they can quickly and proactively take steps to mitigate and prevent possible data breaches. In addition, BitSight delivers detailed information on individual risk vectors so that the sources of risk can be identified and shared with partners.
  • In-depth Analytics – BitSight provides customers with analytical tools that assess trends, compare individual ratings against industry benchmarks, and rank ratings within their portfolio.

For more information about BitSight Security Ratings, contact [email protected]