Bitsight Acquires Security Intelligence Company AnubisNetworks

AnubisNetworks purchase delivers unique data quality, breadth and innovation to Bitsight’s Security Ratings.

Bitsight Technologies, the standard in Security Ratings, today announced the acquisition of AnubisNetworks, a real-time data threat provider based in Porto, Portugal. The integration of AnubisNetworks extends Bitsight’s position as the leading provider of information security ratings for organizations around the world. AnubisNetworks is already incorporated into the Bitsight technology, and it will continue to serve as a key provider of the data that drives Bitsight’s world-class ratings.

“Anyone can score a company’s information security, but it takes a powerful analytics technology like the AnubisNetworks platform to provide the quality, breadth and innovation necessary to truly rate a company’s security effectiveness,” said Shaun McConnon, CEO of Bitsight Technologies. “We are delighted to be able to leverage the unique technology, cyber skills and business friendly environment that we have encountered in Portugal.”

Security Ratings are critical for effective vendor risk management, security performance benchmarking, cyber insurance underwriting and portfolio management. Bitsight observes security events and configurations, such as communication with a botnet, malware distribution and email server configuration, and factors in severity, frequency and duration to generate objective Security Ratings.  While still drawing from a broad set of data inputs across the industry, Bitsight will leverage AnubisNetwork’s security data management and analysis expertise to improve the three core components of data inputs included in the ratings process:

  • Data Quality - Threat intelligence provides information on threats and risks that might be realized, while vulnerability analysis shows which machines could be compromised. AnubisNetworks specializes in scalable, customer-proven and highly accurate information on machines that have been compromised.  The powerful correlation capabilities across all vectors provide insight into the severity and characteristics of the threat, strengthening the quality and accuracy of Bitsight’s security ratings across the board.
  • Data Breadth - With a global sensor network and strong carrier and ISP presence, AnubisNetworks gathers and analyzes data across every industry from around the globe.  This ensures accurate and meaningful security ratings for all of Bitsight’s customers, no matter which industry they are in or where they are located.
  • Data Innovation - Many threats today emerge from social media, data sharing services, and email. AnubisNetworks processes vast volumes of data from Twitter and underground forums to monitor data leakages from within a company as well as services used by a company’s employees. Further, AnubisNetworks is one of the top players in email intelligence with a large email security footprint, enabling quick detection of threats using email for propagation. AnubisNetworks' scalable framework also enables quick addition of new and novel sources of data as they emerge, keeping Bitsight’s ratings highly relevant for its customers. 

“The combination of Bitsight Technologies and AnubisNetworks marks a dramatic shift in the industry of security ratings,” said Francisco Fonseca, CEO and co-founder of AnubisNetworks.  “By integrating our diverse and voluminous cyberfeeds, along with our framework for rapidly incorporating new data sources, we will undoubtedly impact the security ratings space.  We’re looking forward to formally joining the Bitsight team and are excited about the market opportunities to come.”

This is an acquisition of both technology and people. AnubisNetworks will continue to operate as a subsidiary of Bitsight Technologies.


About AnubisNetworks

AnubisNetworks is an IT enterprise focused on Real-time Threat Intelligence for B2B and best known for its Threat Intelligence offer, Cyberfeed. Cyberfeed is a subscription based service that allows customers to obtain real time intelligence feeds about events related to security threats, as seen worldwide, with relevance to their organization. Mail Protection Service (MPS) portfolio represents another important product line, which is comprised of a set of customized solutions for managing and filtering messaging traffic in a multitenancy environment. Founded in 2006 by experts of the corporate Telecom industry, AnubisNetworks is currently one of Europe´s leading Threat Intelligence and Email Security suppliers. Some of the worlds' largest providers such as Vodafone and BT use AnubisNetworks' technology.  For more information, please visit or follow @anubisnetworks on Twitter.