Security Systems Of Major Hotel Chains Exposed By Huge Data Breach

Latent and Lurking Cyber Risks: How Do Companies Properly Assign Value?
According to the disclosure timeline revealed by vpnMentor, the breach was discovered on May 27 and the Pyramid Hotel Group notified on May 28. The vulnerability was fixed on May 29, so the response was a quick and efficient one. That comes as cold-comfort to Jake Olcott, the vice president of government affairs at BitSight. Olcott, who has previously served as legal advisor to the Senate Commerce Committee and counsel to the House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee, says that while other sectors such as finance have been focused on measuring and monitoring third-party cyber risk, "the hospitality sector does not face the same regulatory pressures." Incidents such as this need to act as a wake-up call to the entire travel and hospitality sector according to Olcott. "They're going to have to take a closer look at these issues," he warns, "or face reputational and economic damage..."