Communicate effectively with your vendors and handle cybersecurity risk assessment and monitoring processes efficiently

ThirdPartyTrust’s integration with BitSight combines the power of automation with BitSight Security Ratings to provide end-to-end control over the third party vendor risk management process. ThirdPartyTrust gives users full visibility into communication, assessments, and remediation while automating repetitive tasks. Security managers benefit from a heightened effectiveness of cyber risk assessments by validating subjective responses with objective security ratings and risk vector data, both for active and inactive vendors.

With centralized communication that brings assessments, remediation processes, and other repetitive vendor management tasks into one view, ThirdPartyTrust facilitates program scalability and integrates with BitSight Security Ratings to provide objective, reliable data when security managers need it.

Thirdpartytrust bitsight integration screenshot

For more information on ThirdPartyTrust, visit their website.