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Learn how BitSight can help Defense companies assess, monitor, and remediate risk within their organization and across their contractor ecosystem.

Cyber Risk Management for Defense Companies

The Defense sector is under constant attack from criminal groups and nation states seeking to obtain sensitive national security information, intellectual property, and trade secrets. Defense companies must protect their own organizations, manage risk across large supply chains, and demonstrate alignment to new regulatory requirements in the U.S. (CMMC and DFARs), the UK, and elsewhere.

With experience serving the government and commercial sectors (including the U.S. Department of Defense), BitSight can help Defense organizations gain greater visibility into their own security posture, manage cyber risk across their supply chain, and demonstrate alignment of their programs to any set of regulatory requirements.

Are you ready for the CMMC?

We analyzed the data of more than 3,500 Department of Defense (DoD) contract holders, many of whom will be subject to the new CMMC requirements. See what our data reveals about the defense sector and cybersecurity.

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How Global Defense Companies Use BitSight

Manage Security Performance and Assess Against Requirements

Defense companies need an effective means to gain visibility into the security posture of their organizations, as well as model different scenarios and paths of remediation to forecast future security performance. They are also increasingly asked by stakeholders to demonstrate alignment to certain frameworks (including the U.S. Department of Defense Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification — CMMC).

BitSight Security Ratings deliver a continuous, data-driven measure of security performance, giving Defense companies the ability to understand their own security posture, compare performance with industry peers and competitors as well as report progress over time to executives and the Board. BitSight also allows organizations to understand how their security program compares to the requirements of the CMMC and other required frameworks, enabling organizations to demonstrate program alignment.


Closing the Federal Contractor Security Gap

See how federal agencies use BitSight Security Ratings to assess the security profiles of their contactors as well as their own security posture and vulnerabilities. 

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Assess and Monitor Contractor and Subcontractor Risk at Scale
For Defense companies working on large programs, third parties — including supply chain partners, contractors, and subcontractors — are critical to fulfilling a Defense mission. However, they can also introduce significant risk of data loss and business disruption. BitSight helps global Defense companies assess and continuously monitor their third parties’ security posture by enabling them to accurately assess risk across their business ecosystem. 
Collaborate with Critical Contractors and Subcontractors to Remediate Security Issues
Defense companies can invite their contractors, subcontractors, and supply chain partners to the BitSight Platform at no additional cost in order to investigate issues and remediate risks found on their network. By leveraging the BitSight Customer Success team, third parties can get all the insights and education they need, leading to effective risk reduction.

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