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Make Risk Management More Effective with Security Ratings

Sonali Shah | April 2, 2014

Making Risk Management More Effective with Security RatingsToday many organizations take a check-box approach to network security. By purchasing security products, meeting compliance standards and performing audits, businesses gain some insight into their security posture and those of third parties. But, as evidenced by the recent retail breaches, these measures are not always enough. To truly monitor and mitigate risk companies need the ability to continuously monitor the networks comprising their business ecosystem. Business leaders across all industries are taking notice of this challenge; Lloyds Risk Index 2013 found cyber risk is now the third biggest concern of CEOs and their senior executives. So what can enterprises do to overcome the challenges to measuring risk?

For years credit risk managers have relied on credit ratings for lending, investment and partnership decisions. Now, like credit risk managers, security risk managers can leverage a rating that measures risk over time. BitSight Technologies has developed the industry standard for security ratings. BitSight Security Ratings provide an objective, data driven measure of companies’ security performance, giving risk managers the ability to proactively identify, quantify and mitigate risk.

The latest BitSight White Paper, Making Risk Management More Effective with Security Ratings, explains how Security Ratings can help your organization use a data-driven and continuous approach to identify evolving threats across your ecosystem. This paper also outlines how Security Ratings are generated daily using externally available evidence of security performance and gives risk managers three relevant applications for Security Ratings:  organizational benchmarking, third party risk management and executive reporting.

Download this new white paper today and learn why BitSight Security Ratings are fast becoming the industry standard for measuring security risk.

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