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The 5 Pillars Of Cybersecurity In Financial Services

Financial services is a wide industry, encompassing banks, insurance companies, investment firms, analysts, consultants, and many more. We’ve found financial services to be one of the best performing sectors in terms of cybersecurity....


BitSight’s Event Store in Production

This is the final entry in a three-part series on BitSight’s new Event Store. In the first and second posts, we described some key components of the architecture. Because of the limited number of access patterns we had to support (bulk...


How To Lower The Risk Of A Bank Data Breach

The financial services industry is a leader in many aspects of cybersecurity performance and has set the standard in areas like vendor risk management. Why? Because risk is built into their culture. Inherent in the financial services...


Cybersecurity News: The 15 Best Places To Get Great Info

Reading thetop cybersecurity blogs is, of course, one of the best ways to stay up on the latest news in the security industry. But while these niche blogs do often address news stories, most often they’re doing so while also...


17 Major Data Breaches From 2013 To 2015

It goes without saying that the following data breaches were incredibly damaging, both to the companies and to those affected. Each has resulted in some level of data loss, financial loss, and reputational harm. Below, we’re exploring...


How 400 Organizations Use Security Ratings for Day-to-Day Processes

BitSight has grown tremendously over the last few years, and we’ve learned a lot about the many ways our customers are using BitSight Security Ratings. With over 400 customers (including 42 Fortune 500 companies) and 2,000 users from...


Analyzing Vendor Risk Tools: Vulnerability Scans, Penetration Tests & More

This is a two-part blog post. First, you'll discover 5 things to keep in mind when selecting a vendor management software. In the second part, you'll read on to uncover the pros and cons of the many vendor risk management tools that...


63,000 Personal Records Compromised in UCF Data Breach

Students and faculty from the University of Central Florida (UCF) have filed a class action lawsuit alleging that the university failed to notify affected individuals of data loss resulting from a cyber attack in a timely manner.


Why Your Business Needs a Vendor Management Policy

This post was updated on September 14, 2020.

A vendor management policy is a best practice for organizations seeking to tier their vendors based on risk. Such a policy identifies vendors which pose the greatest cybersecurity risk to...


DROWN: Breaking Down The Latest TLS / SSL Vulnerability

A new security vulnerability in an older version of TLS / SSL was announced this week and has been named “DROWN” by its authors (Decrypting RSA with Obsolete and Weakened eNcryption). It’s estimated to affect up to 11 million servers...


Top 3 Cybersecurity Metrics To Start Tracking

Creating a vendor risk management program is of utmost importance in today’s threat landscape. So if you don’t have a program in place already, you may be wondering where—and how—you should get started. One of the building blocks for...

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