AnubisNetworks Acquisition and the Future of Security Ratings

Nick Gagalis | October 22, 2014 | tag:

Yesterday, we announced our acquisition of AnubisNetworks, a Security Intelligence company in Portugal. We examine the purchase from both companies' perspectives, get an outside opinion from Network World and explain how the move will help our customers moving forward. 

1) The BitSight Perspective

The News

“Anyone can score a company’s information security, but it takes a powerful analytics technology like the AnubisNetworks platform to provide the quality, breadth and innovation necessary to truly rate a company’s security effectiveness,” said Shaun McConnon, CEO of BitSight Technologies. “We are delighted to be able to leverage the unique technology, cyber skills and business friendly environment that we have encountered in Portugal.” 

Why It's Important

BitSight's acquisition of AnubisNetworks will fortify three core components of data inputs: quality, breadth and innovation, making for even more accurate and comprehensive security ratings.

2) The Anubis Perspective

The News

"AnubisNetworks is today a leading provider of actionable threat intelligence delivering to companies worldwide a 360º view of the malware landscape including insights on social media leaks of strategic corporate assets, information on phishing campaigns and botnet communications, among others," said Francisco Fonseca, CEO at AnubisNetworks.

Why It's Important

BitSight now has another built-in layer of immediate, iterative data inputs to give you more information about your network's security.

3) An Outside Perspective from Network World

The News

"The combination of BitSight and Anubis has the potential to unite alien populations – business and technology groups," Jon Oltsik said in this piece for Network World.

"Armed with actual data, business executives can actually connect with CISOs, prioritize actions, and what increasing cybersecurity budgets buy. OK, so the business guys get what they want – a map of the cybersecurity risk landscape. Great start, but CISOs want to translate these metrics into a more specific technical defense-in-depth plan. This is precisely where AnubisNetworks comes in. Anubis takes global threat intelligence and puts it into an organization-specific context about system compromises, darknet chatter, email security trends, and data leakage. Security professionals can then translate this threat intelligence into remediation priorities."

Why It's Important

This deal will ensure that BitSight clients have access to high quality data that-- along with other valuable data sources-- will enable them to mitigate cyber risks across their network ecosystem. The acquisition is a step into the future of stronger security ratings and smarter decisions by CROs & CISOs worldwide.

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