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Identify threats, prioritize investment, and communicate cyber risk to stakeholders.

Customers use Bitsight solutions daily.
Government agencies and quasi-governmental authorities rely on Bitsight.
In cyber insurance premiums are underwritten by Bitsight customers.

Cyber risk management

Identify exposure, prioritize investment, communicate with stakeholders, and mitigate cyber risk to protect your expanding digital ecosystem. The only provider that cuts across the first, third, and fourth party risk to identify what is truly putting your organization in harm's way.

Why Bitsight

    We identify exposure in your expanding digital footprint, from open ports and compromised assets — to cloud infrastructure and remote employees — to the third and fourth party vendors that put you at risk.

    We combine real-time discovery of networks, assets, and vulnerabilities with our AI attribution engine and over 100 security researchers to amass one of the largest and mapped risk datasets in the world.

    We provide the tools to not only see, but act.  Cyber regulation reporting. Vendor assessments and on-boarding.  Board-level risk quantification and industry benchmarking.  All available in clicks, not days.