SolarWinds is one of the most serious supply chain attacks ever encountered. The perpetrators were able to breach and insert malicious code into the SolarWinds Orion software, compromising thousands of users across the globe, including Fortune 1000 companies and major US Government agencies.

While the technical details are still being investigated, we wanted to learn more about how security experts and leaders were thinking about the implications of this event. Afterall, the SolarWinds breach is not the first supply chain attack, but simply the largest yet in a long line of escalating events.

BitSight partnered with Good Harbor to host a salon discussion with security leaders from various industries to hear their thoughts on what the breach means for the security industry. Hosted by Richard A Clarke and BitSight’s Stephen Boyer, the discussion covered a range of topics from what happened, to what we should learn from the event, to what needs to happen next to minimize the damage from future attacks.

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Good Harbor Salon: The Future of Supply Chain Cyber Risk Management After SolarWinds