The Customer Onboarding Experience

Get Your Customized Plan When Partnering With Bitsight’s Onboarding Team

We know all of our customers have different needs when working with Bitsight cyber security ratings. To help each Bitsight user integrate efficiently while getting the most out of their resources spent, we utilize a customized approach during the onboarding process.

In this data sheet, learn how our onboarding team ensures each customer:

  1. Establishes a solid foundation for your program to grow and succeed
  2. Works with dedicated Bitsight customer deployment managers to properly familiarize with the product before independent use
  3. Executes on clearly defined and well-tested workflows to ensure successful program deployment


The onboarding experience can follow a light or medium touch approach based on the customer’s needs. Following a loosely structured plan, customers work with their Bitsight team to include the steps that are right for their organization, while ensuring the Bitsight platform is moulded to meet the customers’ success criteria and individual use cases.