Global cybersecurity performance is weak, but Europe is improving.

BitSight analyzed overĀ 140,000 organizations in various industries across the world. This findings are highlighted in the December 2018 BitSight Insights report, which shows a steady decrease in security performance across most regions over the past year, with the exception of Europe. According to BitSight's research, organizations in Europe actually improved their security performance in the last year. These improvements align well with the lead-up to the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and continued after the GDPR went into effect date in May 2018.

The December 2018 BitSight Insights report explores the cybersecurity performance by continent and industry over the past year, and shows how security performance data may be useful to policymakers as they consider the impact of existing regulations like GDPR, but also future policies and regulations.

Are the New European Cybersecurity Regulations Working?