On-Demand: Bitsight Answers Your Questions About The SolarWinds Breach


The SolarWinds data breach highlights the need to not only monitor vendors across your network more efficiently, but also the need to proactively work with your vendors to address vulnerabilities in their program before malicious actors take advantage.

The SolarWinds hack also raised a lot of questions for organizations. From security managers, procurement teams, and third party risk leaders, all the way up to CISO’s and Board of Directors, all parts of the business are wondering how their organization has been impacted, and where they should go from here. With over 18,000 organizations impacted according to detections from Bitsight’s monitoring systems of SolarWinds Orion software on their network, we know there are common fears among cybersecurity professionals across all industries.

In this webinar Bitsight answers some of the pressing questions risk managers and security professionals have about the SolarWinds breach. Join Bitsight’s Co-Founder and CTO Stephen Boyer and VP of Communication and Government Affairs Jake Olcott as they answer your SolarWinds questions, including:

  • How did the breach originate on the SolarWinds network, and grow to impact so many organizations?
  • Why didn’t SolarWinds notice the infiltration when it first occurred, instead of months down the road?
  • How do I detect if the SolarWinds breach impacted my network?
  • Can I change anything about my third-party risk management program moving forward to protect from this kind of attack?

Download and watch the on-demand webinar now.

On-Demand: BitSight Answers Your Questions About The SolarWinds Breach