Welcome to PureIT’s BitSight Portfolio Discount Program.

To opt in to this program and be eligible for Pure IT Credit Union Services' BitSight Portfolio Discount, please complete all required fields. Once you submit the form, someone will be notified of your interest and get back to you with more information on how to get started.

What is Pure IT Credit Union Services' BitSight Portfolio Discount?

  • As a trusted partner, BitSight is offering Pure IT Credit Union Services' portfolio companies access to BitSight Products at a special discounted rate.
  • For those portfolio companies looking to take a more proactive & strategic approach to first and third party cyber risk, BitSight is offering eligible portfolio companies a 10% discount on SPM and/or TPRM packages.

The discount offer will be available for all eligible portfolio companies who purchase prior to April 19, 2022 for the purchase of an annual subscription if they purchase directly from BitSight.