Telling Your Cyber Story with Tim Grieveson

Download this webinar to hear self-proclaimed ‘Chief Storytelling Officer’, Tim Grieveson, as he gives an inside look at his strategies for telling the most effective story about your organization’s cyber risk standing. With years of experience under his belt, Tim has navigated the challenging waters of cybersecurity at various organizations, distinguishing himself not just as a seasoned CISO but as a compelling communicator in the digital age.

As a CISO, Tim understands the balance between technical complexity and narrative clarity, making cybersecurity accessible and engaging for all stakeholders - from board members to technical teams. Tim invites you to dive deep into the art and science of cybersecurity storytelling.

Whether you’re a CISO, a cybersecurity professional, or simply interested in enhancing your storytelling skills within the realm of digital defense, this webinar is designed to provide valuable insights and practical tips that you can apply immediately to your own work.