Bitsight Cyber Insurance Policyholder Detection & Response

Bitsight Cyber Insurance Policyholder Vulnerability Detection & Response empowers organizations to take action on high-priority incidents at a moment’s notice. Teams rely on these capabilities to initiate outreach to policyholders and track responses to critical vulnerabilities through scalable templated questionnaires—with tailored exposure evidence—for more effective remediation and to leverage industry-leading data to prioritize mitigation efforts.

Download our datasheet to learn how Policyholder Vulnerability Detection & Response enables you to:

  • Quickly access comprehensive views of vulnerabilities across your portfolio
  • Prioritize, scale, and track policyholder outreach with built-in questionnaires and workflows through the Bitsight Cyber Insurance application
  • Provide insureds with exposure evidence and action plans to remediate risk to their organization—and your portfolio
  • Mitigate potential claims and losses to the policyholders across your portfolio

Download the free data sheet