Video: Spectris uses Bitsight’s SPM solution to prioritize risk mitigation in their growing subsidiary network

Spectris uses Bitsight for Security Performance Management to better manage and mitigate cybersecurity ecosystem risks.

Spectris looked to Bitsight’s Security Performance Management solution to address the challenges faced by their organization’s growing subsidiary network. Bitsight’s solution provides the tools needed to help the business leaders and security teams across their several lines of business succeed in their individual and combined goals. After showing each operating company executive committee their rating, as well as delivering the overall company Bitsight rating to their board of directors, it has become easier for Spectris to commit to actionable cybersecurity program results, including improving their rating over time.

Spectris specifically utilizes Bitsight in the following areas:

  • Clearer visibility of risk across operating company network
  • Ability to prioritize actions that need to be taken
  • Usable security score that indicates the strength of the program
  • The company is able to use the Bitsight rating to present itself as a trusted company to work with