Cybersecurity Forensics

Mitigating Risk With Cybersecurity Forensics

No matter how much you invest in cybersecurity protection, the odds are your company will experience a breach at some point. When that happens, early detection and thorough forensics are essential to understanding how the attack happened, how you can remediate it quickly, where your security controls failed, and what you can do to minimize risk in the future.

Bitsight can help. Bitsight Forensics empowers you to understand key components of an attack, such as infections present on your network, to help you remediate issues efficiently to limit damage from an attack.

The Role Of Forensics In Cybersecurity

When your organization’s IT environment has been breached or compromised, cybersecurity forensics can help you analyze the methodology, scope, and damage of the breach. Learning as much as you can about lead to a successful attack on your network is just as important in preventing future attacks as your scanning and protection technology. Using this information, your security teams can refine your cybersecurity model, revise information security requirements, and implement the security controls that will better protect your network and your data in the future.

Cybersecurity forensics may include:

  • Understanding how the breach occurred.
  • Determining the size and business impact of a breach.
  • Determine whether the attack is ongoing.
  • Examining the network to look for signs of a lingering attack, including the presence of malware, backdoors installed, unauthorized user accounts, and accounts with unauthorized privileges.
  • Stopping attacks in progress.
  • Determining whether the attack has compromised sensitive information or data that is governed by cyber security regulations.

Bitsight Forensics

As a component of Bitsight Security Ratings for Benchmarking, Bitsight Forensics delivers an overview of compromised systems observed on your network and classifies them into several categories of risk factors:

  • Botnet infections
  • Malware servers
  • Potentially exploited
  • Spam propagation
  • Unsolicited communications

Bitsight Forensics also helps your security teams identify and remediate specific infections with information about command and control IPs, destination ports, compromised system observance dates, location, and number of observations.

With Bitsight forensics, you can address serious network issues that other best-of-breed security tools may have missed, and identify the root cause of infections to remediate issues quickly, instead of relying on quick patches to hold. For vendor risk managers who are actively monitoring the security performance of your third-party network, Bitsight provides a way to share cybersecurity forensics data with vendors. Using an Enable Vendor Access process, you can request temporary access to the Bitsight portal for your compromised vendors, allowing them to use Bitsight’s data to see what you see about their network, all to allow for better identification and remediation of issues within their environment.

Cybersecurity Forensics Based On Industry-Leading Ratings

Bitsight’s cybersecurity forensics capabilities are powered by Bitsight’s industry-leading security ratings platform. Bitsight Security Ratings provide an objective, verifiable measurement of the security performance of an organization and its third-party vendors. Ratings are based on externally available cybersecurity data about an organization’s compromised systems, security diligence, user behavior, and data breaches. Ratings range from 250 to 900, with the current achievable range being 300-820 – the higher the rating, the more effective the company is at protecting its attack surface, implementing good security practices, and complying with cybersecurity standards.

Security and risk leaders can dive into data on the individual risk vectors that make up a security rating to determine the greatest areas of cyber risk to the organization. Ratings can also foster data-driven conversations about cybersecurity among key stakeholders, and provide benchmarking tools that compare security performance to peers, competitors, and industry averages.

Why Choose Bitsight Cybersecurity Forensics?

Founded in 2011, Bitsight has become the world’s leading security ratings platform, trusted by some of the largest organizations to provide a clearer picture of their security posture. Bitsight’s 3,000+ customers monitor 540,000 organizations to collectively reduce cyber risk. Among those customers are 38% of Fortune 500 companies, 180+ government agencies and quasi governmental authorities, 7 of the top 10 largest cyber insurers, and 4 of the top 5 investment banks.

Bitsight has led the security ratings industry by providing organizations with greater visibility into their cybersecurity performance. Bitsight’s proprietary method of data collection gathers information from 120+ sources to deliver unprecedented visibility into 23 key risk vectors – twice as many as other security rating organizations. Bitsight also offers the most accurate network assets map and owns the largest botnet sink holing infrastructure to provide customers with greater visibility into compromised systems. Additionally, with the ability to view 12+ months of historical data, Bitsight customers can easily identify trends and gain greater insight into risk and vulnerabilities.

FAQs: What Are Cybersecurity Forensics?