What Makes a Good Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Platform?

Learn Why BitSight is a 2021 Forrester New Wave™ Leader in Security Ratings Platforms

IT security leaders are always trying to find better ways to identify and understand cyber security risk internally and across third parties—and many are turning to security ratings.

Unlike traditional point-in-time approaches to cybersecurity risk assessment, security ratings continuously monitor an organization’s digital ecosystem and represent a near real-time analysis of cybersecurity risk

Meet a Leader in Security Ratings Platforms

Named a “Leader” in security ratings platforms by independent research firm Forrester, BitSight Security Ratings are trusted by thousands of organizations to deliver valuable cyber risk insight to help them make better informed decisions.

Organizations use BitSight Security Ratings to:

  • Reduce cyber risk. Security ratings let you reduce risk with actionable insights and continuous tracking of your improvements.
  • Operate more efficiently. With continuous, contextual insights into specific risk vectors, you can focus your efforts on the right risks at the right time.
  • Protect your reputation. Measurably reduce your risk of a data breach and communicate your improved performance to partners, customers,and insurers
  • Improve reporting. Use the world's most widely accepted security ratings to improve communication and align teams around cyber risk.
Customers love using BitSight to validate their cyber security assessments. Download the Forrester New Wave Report to find out what else customers love about BitSight.
What Makes a Good Cybersecurity Auditing Platform?