Mitigate Risk with a Third-Party Cyber Risk Assessment

Don’t let third parties introduce unwanted cyber risk

Your organization is more extended than ever. Cloud computing, outsourcing, and a remote workforce create big challenges – especially when it comes to managing third-party cyber risk.

An important way to analyze and gain insight into the risk postures of your vendors is through a third-party cyber risk assessment. This will allow you to prioritize which of your trusted partnerships require greater due diligence – and better protect your organization against unwanted risk.

But properly vetting your vendors is difficult, especially if you don’t have all the information you need for thorough security evaluations. It’s even harder when you’re under pressure from executives to accelerate your onboarding processes.

That’s why you need a streamlined approach; one that helps quickly focus your discovery efforts, get answers to the questions that matter, and ensure you make an informed and secure choice.

Get the information you need to inform cyber third-party risk assessment

Download our ebook: “40 Questions You Should Have in Your Vendor Security Assessment.” 

You’ll learn:

  • The critical questions you should be asking your vendors to understand and measure their security performance
  • How to optimize your vendor onboarding
  • The importance of incorporating continuous monitoring into your third-party cyber risk assessment
Mitigate Risk with a Third-Party Cyber Risk Assessment