Financial Quantification of Cyber Risk
You've worked hard all year to prioritize your organization's resources to tackle the riskiest vulnerabilities in your cybersecurity program. But when you bring your progress to the board of directors, excited to demonstrate your success, your reports about patched network configurations, DNS configurations, botnet sinkholes, and more are met with blank stares.
workforce cybersecurity
Work from home practices introduce significant cyber risk to any organization. Worryingly, BitSight research discovered that remote office networks are 7.5 times more likely to have at least five distinct malware families on them than a corporate network.

As remote workforces become the norm, this should ring alarm bells for security leaders. When an employee uses a corporate device on a home network, malware can propagate to the corporate network. This is especially problematic given user behavior and the dynamics of home networks. In 52% of cases, corporate-issued devices are used by family members or trusted friends. These assets also share the same network as potentially insecure IoT devices such as alarm systems, smart TVs, refrigerators, and more.
network segmentation cybersecurity
These days, we often hear the word “quarantine” in everyday conversations--but quarantining takes on a different meaning when it comes to protecting your network.

Often, when we discuss quarantining from a cyber security perspective we’re referring to network segmentation cyber security. But what is network segmentation, and is it the right approach for your organization? The answer to the first part is easy. The second is a bit more complicated.
5 Steps to Creating a Cyber Security Roadmap
The recent rise in ransomware attacks and business-halting data breaches has made it clear that your organization must prioritize cyber security performance. But ad hoc security controls and defensive measures are not the answer. Instead, you need a strategic, risk-based approach with a cyber security road map as your guide.