Webinar: The Future of Cybersecurity: A Fireside Chat with Derek Vadala, VisibleRisk

News flash: recent announcements from leading financial institutions like Moody’s, Glass Lewis, and the Securities and Exchange Commission signal major change in the way that the global marketplace is now evaluating cybersecurity. These developments will clearly impact the way that senior executives and board members measure and manage cybersecurity and risk.

How can security and risk professionals understand and respond to this news? How can they enhance their security programs to satisfy growing demands from internal and external stakeholders?

BitSight is hosting a series of informational webinars to help security and risk professionals succeed in this new environment.

Download this webinar to hear BitSight co-founder Stephen Boyer and Derek Vadala, Co-Founder of VisibleRisk and former CISO of Moody’s discussion of:

  • How corporate credit ratings are affected by cybersecurity
  • The SEC’s renewed focus on cybersecurity and enforcement
  • Improving board-level discussions on cybersecurity
  • How cyber risk quantification is used effectively within organizations today
The Future of Cybersecurity A Fireside Chat with Derek Vadala VisibleRisk