Take Control Of Vendor Risk Management Through Continuous Monitoring

How to Evaluate Your Vendors’ Cyber Posture Take a confident approach to managing third-party risk

As trends toward outsourcing and remote workforces continue to reshape the business landscape, monitoring the cyber posture of your vendors is more critical than ever.

Yet too often companies rely on point-in-time questionnaires and assessments to determine the cyber posture of their third parties. In addition to being potentially biased and subjective, these surveys can be outdated within hours of completion.

Automated, continuous monitoring is a far more helpful approach. You can quickly determine a vendor’s cyber posture and make faster, more strategic management decisions about vendor relationships when armed with insights into key indicators of risk such as compromised systems, diligence, user behavior, and data breaches.

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Learn more about evaluating the cyber posture of third-party vendors. Download our white paper: “Taking a Confident Path Toward Managing Third-Party Risk.” 

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