On-Demand: Reinventing Cyber Risk Quantification

Exposure to cyber risk is an inevitable part of business today. Yet, when security leaders engage in conversations about cyber risk, they often find themselves at a disadvantage. Their approach is typically through the lens of remediation plans for security incidents, while business and risk management professionals discuss it in terms of financial impact. It’s important to not only use a common language for cyber risk, but also be able to financially quantify it.

This webinar addresses:

  • How the cyber risk landscape has evolved
  • The need for better metrics around cyber risk
  • The business and IT value of financial quantification for cyber risk


  • Scott West, Principal Product Marketing Manager, BitSight
  • Tom Boltman, Director of Product Strategy, Kovrr
  • Anne Taylor, contributing editor and moderator, IDG
On-Demand: Reinventing Cyber Risk Quantification