(Re)Gain Control of Your Security Program in 2022

Being a security professional has never been harder. The increasing threat environment, expanding attack surface, and continuous stakeholder demands for transparency are only adding to the challenges. It’s no wonder that Gartner’s latest report — “Predicts 2022: Cybersecurity” — states that cybersecurity leaders are “losing control” of decision making in an increasingly distributed ecosystem.

Download this webinar to see highlights around the critical issues facing security leaders in 2022 and what they can do to overcome these challenges, including:

  • Adapting to the changing role of the cybersecurity leader
  • Effectively addressing demands from customers, regulators, and credit agencies
  • Implementing a robust third party risk management program
  • Leveraging cyber risk quantification to enable decision making
Increase Your Cyber Resilience and regain control of your security program