Ransomware: Leveraging Data Insights to Avoid Becoming A Victim

How can security professionals avoid joining the growing list of ransomware victims? In research published last week, BitSight found that poor patching performance is a strong indicator of increased risk to ransomware -- in fact, organizations with less mature patching programs are 7x more likely to experience a ransomware incident. BitSight research analyzed hundreds of ransomware incidents and billions of security performance observations, creating sector and industry-specific analysis along with security program recommendations that we want to share with you.

Download this webinar to listen to BitSight’s Tom Montroy, Director of Data Science, and Dan Dahlberg, Director of Research share insights into the following:

  • New sector-specific insights from BitSight’s Data Science team tied to recent ransomware trends
  • Security performance gaps and challenges that lead to successful ransomware incidents
  • Vulnerabilities that indicate heightened risk of ransomware
  • Programmatic areas that security professionals should address to reduce the likelihood that they will be a victim of a ransomware incident
Ransomware: Leveraging Data Insights to Avoid Becoming A Victim