BitSight Security Ratings help measure cybersecurity posture, track improvements, and establish trust with key business partners.

When a large commercial bank in the United States was interested in leveraging services from PROSA, which provides payment service solutions for many top financial institutions, they needed to better understand the company’s cybersecurity posture. PROSA needed to improve and demonstrate the security of its network to establish trust with the bank.

As part of its due diligence process, the bank used BitSight’s Enable Vendor Access (EVA) feature to invite PROSA to temporarily access the BitSight Security Ratings Platform and investigate security findings. This enabled PROSA to:

  • Continuously monitor cybersecurity improvements over time
  • Discover network security issues that internal detection systems may overlook
  • Leverage trusted security metrics to facilitate security discussions with business partners

PROSA trusts BitSight Security Ratings to continuously monitor their cybersecurity performance and report improvements to business partners.