Masterclass EMEA: Assuring Stakeholders with Cyber Risk Quantification

Reporting evidence on a cyber security program's performance to inspire assurance across the board is not an easy mission. Organizations first need to make sure they use a language that can be commonly understood by all stakeholders in every space - from executives to customers, from regulators to cyber insurance carriers. They need to create a language of trust based on indisputable context, data and metrics they can effectively rely on.

BitSight for Security Performance Management uses Cyber Risk Quantification to help you create that shared understanding with non-technical stakeholders, by providing meaningful metrics that are independently correlated to data breach and company stock performance. This facilitates the process of communicating your work to others in order to inspire confidence in your program - either by quickly exporting an executive summary of your program performance over time to share with the board or by showing how your program compares to other top-performing organizations.

Download this educational webinar to learn how BitSight and Cyber Risk Quantification can help you engage in a meaningful conversation about cyber risk.

Masterclass EMEA - Assuring Stakeholders with Cyber Risk Quantification