As organizations increase their reliance on third-party vendors for outsourced solutions, they expand their attack surface.

Today’s digital environment offers tremendous opportunities for modern organizations. At the same time, there is more risk. Vulnerabilities and infections plague organizations around the globe — and their numbers continue to rise. 

The tips discussed in this webinar will help you start managing third-party risk to centralize your program and get a preliminary perspective of the risks you face. Once this foundation is established, you can build on it and shift to a more proactive approach to managing third-party risk — and limiting your exposure.

In this webinar, Chris Poulin (Principal Consulting Engineer, BitSight) and Kimberly Johnson Product Marketing Manager, BitSight) discuss:

  • The state risk and the rise of global vulnerabilities and infections.
  • The supply chain as an expanded attack surface.
  • 5 tips for launching a third-party risk management program.

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On-Demand: The Expanding Attack Surface - 5 Tips for Managing Third-Party Risk