There’s no question about it: cyber risk is increasing and of high concern to business leaders. Unfortunately, cyber risk is often thought about in technical terms as opposed to business terms — and more education on cyber risk is needed to increase cybersecurity engagement at the board level.

By establishing a universal understanding of cyber risk across your organization, you can develop a more mature cybersecurity program and lead meaningful conversations on the business impact of different cyber scenarios and investments.

That’s where BitSight Financial Quantification for Enterprise Cyber Risk comes in — empowering you to assess your organization’s financial exposure and transform the technical side of cybersecurity into business language.

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  • Why it’s more important than ever to elevate cyber risk to business risk
  • How the BitSight Financial Quantification for Enterprise Cyber Risk model works
  • How our solution empowers you to streamline your process for quantifying risk, make more informed business decisions, and report to the board effectively
Establishing a Universal Understanding of Cyber Risk With Financial Quantification