Learn about the challenges finance organizations face when managing third-party cyber risk.

While the finance industry has historically had more robust cyber defenses compared to other industries, the many third parties involved in its massive supply chain — including legal organizations, accounting, and human resources firms, management consulting and outsourcing firms — all pose potential weak spots. This begs several important questions:

  • How is the finance industry responding to the growing challenges associated with third-party cyber risk?
  • How are organizations measuring and reporting on this risk?
  • What tools are they using?

In this webinar, Casey Ryder (VP, Third-Party Risk Management, Boston Private Bank) and Jake Olcott (VP of Corporate Communications & Government Affairs, BitSight) discuss the risk posed by third-party vendors, and how security and business leaders are adopting new approaches to manage risk.

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On-Demand: Emerging Risks & Blind Spots: Third-Party Cyber Risks to Financial Services