On-Demand: Cybersecurity Ratings Part 3: The Third Way

Learn how Bitsight Security Ratings are used to monitor and manage third-party cyber risk.

The third part of this (ISC)² webinar series explores how Bitsight Security Ratings help organizations tackle third-party supplier risk management challenges. Bob Lewis (Former Head of External Cyber Assurance and Monitoring, Barclays UK) and Nick Trigg (Bitsight Risk Consultant) share real life examples of business challenges within third-party risk and considerations when addressing those challenges.

Watch this webinar to learn how an organization used Bitsight Security Ratings to augment their third-party cyber risk assessment capabilities. This webinar also answers questions such as:

  • How can we manage suppliers using the dimensions of inherent risk impact and residual risk appetite?
  • How can we place suppliers cyber risk posture into context of our business?
  • How can we continuously monitor and remediate according to sensible risk prioritisation?

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On-Demand: Cybersecurity Ratings Part 3: The Third Way