Cyber Risk Quantification: Governance, Management, and Assurance

Cyber risk can be a complex topic, so it can be difficult to understand the financial exposure related to your cyber posture. It can feel like a mystery without some level of non technical insight. By using a non-technical metric to measure cyber risk, it is possible to understand the financial impact of an exposure, helping to prioritize funding your internal acquisition of mitigating technologies.

In this session we will discuss:

  • The pros and cons of various approaches to cyber risk quantification
  • How to implement a financial quantification to see your exposure to cyber risk
  • How cyber risk quantification helps to mature your cybersecurity program
  • Reporting to the board and/or other stakeholders on your exposure
  • Operationalizing cyber risk quantification in your cybersecurity program
  • Building a business case for funding of cyber risk quantification

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