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Microsoft has teamed up with security firm Bitsight Technologies Inc. and others to take down the infamous Necurs botnet. Read more

Cybersecurity ratings company BitSight, detailed that the number of exposed public-facing machines with the vulnerability dropped 17% between May 31 and July 2 but not far enough.

Recent years have seen the rise of so-called security ratings providers that specialize in supplying enterprises with data about vulnerabilities in their infrastructure and supply chains....

German steel and elevator conglomerate ThyssenKrupp AG has had trade secrets stolen following a hack of its systems earlier this year. BitSight's Jake Olcott says the event should be a...
There’s much more to cybersecurity than just fending off attacks against a company’s internal infrastructure.

Stephen Boyer, CTO and Co-Founder of BitSight Technologies has a different perspective on malware activity.  In the following guest post he introduces research from his company’s team of data...