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Read articles covering BitSight, the leader in security ratings. We're proud to be featured in these leading business & technology journals, blogs, and broadcasts.

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One thing we've learned at Forbes Entrepreneurs is that founders can come from any type of industry, background or age group. Here are stories about entrepreneurs who beat the odds and launched...

The founders of BitSight Technologies, Stephen Boyer and Nagarjuna Venna, believed they had a hot idea for a startup: a business that could assess and rate the cybersecurity of other businesses....

In this Q&A, BitSight's VP of Business Development, Jake Olcott, discusses the business value in cybersecurity.

BitSight has been named as one of Forbes' Next Billion-Dollar Startups of 2016, an incredible milestone and testament to the company, its founders and all of its employees.

BitSight, a leading cyber-security rating company, has released a report examining ransomware infection across six industry sectors compiled from 18,996 companies. BitSight’s results support the...

VP of Business Development Jake Olcott is interviewed by Forbes on how companies can assign value to their data. 

In a story about the various cyber threats to college campuses, Forbes Magazine cited a BitSight study that answers the question, "Is important student, faculty and intellectual property data at...

With the potential of removing legacy IT silos and freeing up valuable data to gain greater insights into their operations, enterprises continue to invest heavily in analytics.

...Breaches that go unreported or under-reported still cause a lot of damage. Here are a few security breaches that have happened in the past year that you may not have heard about

BitSight Technologies CTO and cofounder Stephen Boyer also believes that cybercrime is generally unreported.  “The math does not add up between public disclosure and what is actually going on,” he...

Cybersecurity continues to be a hot topic these days, but it’s unclear whether CIOs are doing too much or too little to tackle the problem.

New research from security rating vendor BitSight would seem to back up the perception that larger companies in fact pose a real security risk.