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BitSight In The News

Read news articles covering BitSight, the leader in security ratings. We're proud to be featured in these leading business & technology publications, journals, blogs, and broadcasts.

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“It’s become widely accepted policy and practice that the private sector is on their own when it comes to defending against cyberattacks,” said Stephen Boyer, chief technology officer at BitSight,...

“Understanding the cybersecurity posture of an investment is critical to assessing the value of the investment and considering reputational, financial, and legal harm that could befall the...

Discussing the state of cyber security in the wake of the latest ransomware attacks with Stephen Boyer, co-founder and CTO at BitSight Technologies.

BitSight co-founder and CTO tells CNBC that many large-scale cybersecurity failures like the one that resulted in Yahoo's recently announced data breach happen because of carelessness of victim...

In a piece journaling the sentiment of online and in-person shoppers, CNBC used BitSight data to show the state of information security in the retail industry.

As college students head back to school, cybercriminals are heading back to work.

One reason this industry is coming under attack is because electronic medical records on the black market sell for more than credit card numbers, Boyer said.

When investors evaluate a company, they consider P/E ratio, market share and products in the pipeline. But now there's a new measure of a company's worth: cybersecurity risk.

Cyber insurance "is by far the fastest growing area of insurance," said Stephen Boyer, chief technology officer and co-founder of BitSight, a start-up that rates businesses' security infrastructure.

CNBC Closing Bell discusses the challenges organizations are facing amid the outbreak of the "Heartbleed" security flaw, with Adam Levin Credit.com founder, and Stephen Boyer, BitSight Technologies...

Learn why CNBC Squawk Box calls BitSight a "Squawk Breakthrough" for our security rating technology. (Video)

"BitSight is like Moody's. It essentially gives a score for every company and allows you and the company to know and measure their security," Ganesan said. "Over time, BitSight helps companies...