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BitSight research reveals 45% of remote office networks have observed malware, compared to 13% of corporate networks. Read more. 

A recent study by BitSight found home networks were seven times more likely than an office network to have five or more types of malware. Read more. 

Jake Olcott, BitSight vice president of Communications and Government Affairs, discusses how temporary hospitals can lack necessary security to keep hackers from targeting them. Read more. 

BitSight announced several new, innovative capabilities for Third-Party Risk Management. The enhanced platform will help organizations achieve greater operational efficiency. Read more. 

Luis Grangeia, BitSight senior security researcher, discusses how BitSight has observed 250,000 systems that are potentially vulnerable. Read more. 

Jake Olcott, BitSight's vice president of communications and government affairs, discusses how CISOs must consider all of the necessary steps to manage cyber risk in what could be the "new...

Stephen Boyer, BitSight's co-founder and CTO, speaks about new challenges to patching in a work-at home world. Read more. 

Stephen Boyer, BitSight's co-founder and CTO, discusses how a business's cyber-insurance security score could determine its cyber-insurance premium or whether a larger client will work with a...

Tom Montroy, director of data science at BitSight, discusses how in 2019 BitSight recorded 2.5 times more ransomwear events than in 2018, a 70% increase. Read more. 

Samit Shah, director of insurance programs and partnerships at BitSight, discusses the difficulty insurers face when trying to assess cyber risk. Read More. 

Steve Harvey, BitSight's CEO, shares his thoughts on what the future of business will look like after the pandemic. Read more. 

Stephen Boyer, BitSight's co-founder and CTO, discusses the difficulty of having employees working on networks that aren't managed and controlled by a corporation anymore. Read More.