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BitSight has been named as one of Forbes' Next Billion-Dollar Startups of 2016, an incredible milestone and testament to the company, its founders and all of its employees.

Axis Capital recently announced its partnership with BitSight, a leading provider of cyber security ratings, to reduce computer related risks with the provision of the latter’s security ratings...
Here are 20 of MIT's most successful alumni whose tech startups have taken Cambridge, Boston (and sometimes, the world) by storm, including BitSight's co-founder and CTO, Stephen Boyer.
“There are some serious questions about whether Yahoo’s customers will continue to use the service knowing that their data has been compromised,” said Jacob Olcott, vice president of BitSight...
While Target , the U.S. Office of Personnal Management and seemingly countless other high-profile attacks have inflamed internet security fears in recent years, the unprecedented size of the...
BitSight is listed as one of 10 game-changing IT startups that raised funding in September 2016.
BitSight was one of 15 cybersecurity companies to land major funding in Q3.

Thanks to the emergence of big data, there is a step-by-step shift to a more data-driven quantitative approach to measuring cyber-security of organizations.