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American International Group forged four new partnerships with cyber security companies in a bid to boost risk mitigation and prevention services for its clients.

American International Group (AIG) has partnered with K2 Intelligence, BitSight Technologies, RSA, and Axio Global to complement its CyberEdge risk management and insurance product

BitSight CTO and Cofounder Stephen Boyer is interviewed by Gov Info Security recent BitSight findings which show a link between botnets and the likelihood of a publicly disclosed breach. 

In a recent interview info with Gov Info Security, BitSight VP of Business Development Jacob Olcott discusses the Securities and Exchange Commission's evolving requirements on companies to file...

BitSight's CTO and Cofounder Stephen Boyer discusses Vendor Risk Management in the Wall Street Journal as one of five steps companies should take to protect corporate data.

Security ratings firm BitSight has performed an analysis of the risk factors that make up its BitSight Security Ratings against publicly disclosed data breaches. What emerges from its study is the...

Organisations showing evidence of botnets inside their networks are not only more likely to suffer a data breach, the level of botnet activity correlates directly to increased risk, security...
Utilities and the education sector harbor the most botnet infections, according to a new study that highlights how bot infections correlate with a higher rate of data breach.

 VP of Business Development Jake Olcott discusses the state of continuous monitoring programs for federal departments and agencies and how better metrics are needed to assess security performance. 

According to Stephen Boyer, president of BitSight, higher education has been and continues to be one of the lowest performing sectors when ranking cybersecurity success.

In a recent info with Bank Info Security, BitSight CEO Shaun McConnon touched on a variety of important cybersecurity aspects including discusses how threat actors have changed over the course of...