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A new study says the finance and utilities industries are the most secure, and that retail and health care lag in security effectiveness.

An objective, evidence-based cyber risk metric is needed to measure security effectiveness, not simply policies and procedures.

A recent report by BitSight Technologies stated that the nation's largest utilities are "actually quite good at protecting their public facing Internet assets."

BitSight Technologies CTO and cofounder Stephen Boyer also believes that cybercrime is generally unreported.  “The math does not add up between public disclosure and what is actually going on,” he...

While retailers have demonstrated a less-than-stellar track record when it comes to protecting consumer data, a report published by BitSight Technologies in May showed that health care and...

"Based on our analysis, it is clear that organizations that treat cyber security as a strategic issue perform better than those that view it as a tactical one," Stephen Boyer, BitSight co-founder and...

"I was looking for utilities to do poorly," said BitSight CTO Stephen Boyer. "The largest utilities in the S&P 500 are pretty high-performing" when it comes to securing their networks.