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Imagine if an organization received a cybersecurity rating - just like an individual receives an objective credit report. This is the new model promoted by Stephen Boyer and his company, BitSight....

Cambridge, Mass.-based BitSight Technologies’ security rating service offers cyber protection for policyholders business and customer data, LIU said in a statement Wednesday.

Data breaches earlier this year at retailers such as Target Corp. and Neiman Marcus Group helped put cybersecurity into news headlines. As private equity firms assemble increasingly large portfolios...

Despite all the attention that cybersecurity is getting, and all the money that large corporations pour into prevention and detection, the majority of large organizations are underperforming when it...

When it comes to stock performance, the companies in the S&P 500 have been on a tear. When it comes to security, not so much.

Read this article to learn Stephen Boyer's thoughts on whether or not consumers should be concerned by Google's data collection practices and whether or not the tech giant has too much personal...

Stephen Boyer, CTO and co-founder of BitSight, a company that specializes in third-party risk management, said the breach highlights the threat posed to companies by network-connected outsiders.

Bitsight Technologies CTO Stephen Boyer on the sectors most in danger of malware attacks.

More companies are paying closer attention to their supply chain, but the task is not an easy one.

The Target data breach has financial institutions focused on payments and considering their options to fight cyber crime. (Registration Required)