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BitSight Observations Into HAFNIUM Attacks, Part Three: Exploitation and Vulnerability Persists

Organizations around the globe continue to address the fallout from the Microsoft Exchange Server zero-day attacks. It was recently announced that hackers may now be exploiting the vulnerabilities in Exchange to drop ransomware into...


BitSight Observations Into HAFNIUM Attacks, Part Two: Unpatched Exchange Servers Remain Vulnerable

Microsoft Exchange is a critical business software used by organizations around the world for email. Sensitive data and communications are stored and transacted on the platform daily. In an unusual situation, threat actors have performed...


BitSight Observations Into the HAFNIUM Attacks: Part One

On March 2, Microsoft announced that it has detected multiple zero-day exploits being used to attack on-premises versions of Microsoft Exchange Server. According to Microsoft, in the attacks observed, cybersecurity threat actors used this...


How To Prevent Organizational Data Leaks In 2021

It’s every security manager's worst nightmare. A member of the IT department reaches to alert that malicious software has been detected on an internal network, and the hacker potentially has access to layers of sensitive data. In the...


The 2020 Verizon DBIR: If Nothing Changes, Then Nothing Changes

This week the 13th edition of the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) was released, which is usually a hallmark event of the cybersecurity world. As we have been in previous years, BitSight is proud to be a data contributor to...


Airbus Incident Shines Spotlight on Third-Party Vendor Security Risks

2019 has been a year of high-profile attacks, and, as we predicted, it’s only getting worse. That’s certainly the case for Airbus.


5 Examples Of Sensitive Data Hackers Look For

As a security professional navigating the new challenges 2020 is bringing to cybersecurity, it’s critical to understand the ways your organization’s data could be exposed. Sensitive data is critical, safeguarded information. Different...


4 Things You Should Include In Your Data Breach Response Plan

If you’re working on organizational cybersecurity, one of your top goals is likely putting a system in place that will help identify data breach incidents as quickly as possible, whether that data is inside your organization or with one of...


28 Data Breach Statistics That Will Inspire You (To Protect Yourself)

The importance—and urgency—of cybersecurity measures have become increasingly visible in recent years. Yearly industry reports from the likes of VerizonTrustwave, and PwC all express the importance of cybersecurity measures and the...

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