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Russian Hackers Validate BitSight WFH Data

This week the New York Times released a report warning that a group of Russian hackers going by the name “Evil Corp” has been attempting to exploit the rampant vulnerabilities presented by the US workforce shifting to working from home at...


How Organizations Can Reduce the Risk of Ripple20 IoT Vulnerabilities

“Celebrity” vulnerabilities like BlueKeep attract the attention and resources of security teams, often hogging the spotlight, allowing other, less visible, but just as dangerous, weaknesses that could be exploited by bad actors to go...


Lessons Learned From the New Court Ruling on the Capital One Breach

Last year’s Capital One data breach ranks as one of the largest confirmed breaches ever, exposing the personal data of more than 100 million Capital One customer accounts stored in the cloud.


5 Ways to Justify Security Investments in the Face of Budget Cuts

For years cybersecurity spending has experienced stratospheric growth. Then COVID-19 hit and forecasts took a grim turn. 


How Automation Helps Security Teams Adjust to the Work-from-Home SOC

While many companies have succeeded in creating a sustainable remote workforce, this “new normal” environment remains particularly challenging for security operations teams. Accustomed to working in a physical security operations center...


The 2020 Verizon DBIR: If Nothing Changes, Then Nothing Changes

This week the 13th edition of the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) was released, which is usually a hallmark event of the cybersecurity world. As we have been in previous years, BitSight is proud to be a data contributor to...


4 Ways to Mitigate Cyber Risk as Hackers Target COVID Researchers

As the U.S. biomedical community rushes to combat COVID-19, the FBI announced last week that, in a bid to win the race for a vaccine or cure, state-sponsored Chinese hackers are targeting U.S. researchers in an attempt to “obtain valuable...


The Shifting Role of the Security Professional: Doing More With Less

The COVID-19 outbreak has seen the roles of many cybersecurity professionals change — and many worry what it will mean for protecting their organizations from attacks.


BitSight Research Reveals Vulnerabilities in Point of Sales Systems

When people talk about cybersecurity risks, the first area that normally comes to mind is malware. Some might even consider that it’s the worst event that can happen, as it normally indicates that a malicious actor has already bypassed the...

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