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Read about the latest cybersecurity news and get advice on third-party vendor risk management, reporting cybersecurity to the Board, managing cyber risks, benchmarking security performance, and more.

SOC Stress: The Security Threat That Nobody is Talking About

Stress and burnout is emerging as perhaps the biggest threat to corporate security. Long hours, alert overload, and a lack of visibility into their IT infrastructure have many security professionals reconsidering their chosen careers.


Cloud Security: Lessons Learned from the Capital One Data Breach

2019 has already been rife with cybersecurity woes. Unfortunately, as we enter the second half of the year, things are going from bad to worse. 

The recent Capital One data breach compromised the personal data of more than 100 million...


State of BlueKeep Exposure & Insight Into Affected Systems

In the weeks since our previous post, we’ve seen development in the security community withthe release of an exploit into a commercial product as well as the announcement of theunreleased integration of an exploit into Rapid7’s Metasploit...


Third-Party Insight into Triada & Related Families

A few weeks ago Google confirmed that there was malware pre-installed on a number of Android devices due to a supply-chain attack. The latest installment was discovered by security researchers from Dr.Web who have been investigating this...


Industry Response to the BlueKeep Vulnerability

It’s been five weeks since we first posted about the exposure of the BlueKeep vulnerability on the external networks of many organizations across the world. There have been further developments regarding the capabilities of the...


An Update on the State of Cyber Risk in Spain

Today ElevenPaths, the Telefónica Group’s global cybersecurity unit, released a report highlighting cybersecurity trends for the first half of 2019. As a follow-up to a November 2018 report, ElevenPaths again takes a close look at how...


Average Cost of Cyberattacks Soars to $4.6 Million Per Incident

The aftermath of a cyber breach can be costly. But just how expensive and where the brunt of that financial impact falls has been somewhat unclear, until now. 


Analyzing Utilities Sector Cybersecurity Performance

With economic sanctions being levied by the US against Iran and a trade war heating up with China, some security experts are cautioning that attacks targeting US critical infrastructure may be inevitable. Are electric utilities prepared to...


Will BlueKeep Become WannaCry 2.0?

A little over a month ago, Microsoft discovered a software security vulnerability that could ultimately lead to one of the worst cybersecurity attacks since 2017’s infamous WannaCry ransomware incident.

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