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RSA Conference 2017: Practical Tips To Make Your Experience Easy As Pie

Jay Jacobs | February 7, 2017

The annual RSA Conference is upon us once again! I don’t know about you, but at BitSight, we always look forward to joining 40,000+ of our closest friends and fellow security professionals in the city by the bay.

The conference is right around the corner—February 13–17—and it has us thinking through how to make the conference experience easy as pie. Here are a few of my favorite, most practical suggestions.

6 Tips To Make RSA Conference 2017 Easy As Pie

1. Wear good shoes. I don’t mean the fanciest—I mean the most comfortable! RSAC is a long event with a lot of standing. Your feet will thank you!

2. Scope out the best “watering holes.” There are some coffee shops and the like around the facility to visit during the week. These are great places to get energized, take a break, or work on your downtime. Scope them out as soon as you get to the conference!

3. Make a plan for the showroom. As you walk through the show floor, if you’re not careful, you’ll collect a ton of freebies from exhibitors and vendors. If you bring your laptop or have a bag with you already, you may end up with another one that will become stuffed with T-shirts, pens, pamphlets, brochures, and other giveaways. Sure, there are bags at the entrance to hold your loot, but we highly suggest making a plan for what items you’ll take... and then take nothing else!

4. Find a detailed map of the area and facility. The conference has physically expanded this year, so you’ll want to be sure you can actually find your sessions. If you’re still determining which sessions to attend, we suggest:

5. Identify a few good eateries beforehand. There aren’t many places to eat right inside the Moscone Center, so I always like to think through some spots to grab food beforehand. And if you have a sweet tooth, be one of the first 200 people at the BitSight booth (North Expo #N5108)—you’ll get a free individual pie!

6. Watch how much you drink. Personally, I try to be careful how much alcohol I consume—it certainly makes the week easier! But we still suggest you join the BitSight team for some cocktails (open bar!) and appetizers at the Oola Restaurant the evening of Wednesday, February 15. We’d love to see you, so be sure to register!

Want to make your security performance measurement easy as pie?

BitSight makes assessing your security performance—and the security performance of your vendors—simple. Check out this video to find out more, and be sure to stop by the BitSight booth at RSA Conference (North Expo #N5108)! There will be plenty of helpful folks available to answer all your questions about BitSight Security Ratings, plus you’ll be entered to win a Deluxe Raspberry Pi Kit! (You can also enter to win another Deluxe Raspberry Pi Kit by signing up for our newsletter. You can find the link at the bottom of this page.)  We hope to see you soon!


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