BitSight Announces New Enterprise Integrations in Security Ratings Platform

Ben Fagan | January 22, 2015 | tag: Security Risk Management

BitSight is committed to showing organizations how to implement Security Ratings data throughout their risk and security operations. We have added new features to make it easier for our customers to extract our Security Ratings data to use within their existing processes and tools.

By adding these integrations, customers now have the ability to use Security Ratings data in tools such as GRC platforms (Archer, MetricStream, etc.) and other risk and security tools. The three primary methods of integration include:

  1. Downloadable CSVs - For companies interested in accessing BitSight’s wealth of event and diligence data for internal analyses and threat remediation tools, BitSight provides downloadable CSVs for this data. These downloads are available directly in the BitSight platform.


  1. Polished Executive Reports - Companies who use the BitSight platform as a tool to report security performance to the board or management need a polished, consolidated way to present BitSight data. BitSight now offers PDF reports that address two of our most common use cases--benchmarking and third party risk. The benchmarking PDF shows how your company compares to five other companies and/or industries. The third party risk PDF gives a high level breakdown of the companies in your portfolio.


  1. Developer API - Customers can take advantage of this API to plug into a full-scale GRC platform or to create in-house metrics dashboards. This allows companies to better utilize BitSight ratings by integrating them into their current processes. Using the BitSight API, developers can now bring daily company and industry ratings into their companies’ existing tools. 

By adding new features and novel ways for our customers to use Security Ratings data throughout their security risk operations, BitSight is further helping customers mitigate risks throughout their network ecosystems. (Your vendors aren't the only third parties that expose your network to cyber risk.) Security Ratings are quickly becoming an industry standard for businesses and organizations to better manage third party risks, benchmark security performance and underwrite cyber insurance.


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