How A Diverse Range of Customers Use BitSight

Noah Simon | October 20, 2015

Cybersecurity has garnered the attention of executives and board members across the globe. Many boards are seeking security metrics to get a true understanding of how secure their company is, and how secure they are relative to industry peers and competitors. As BitSight grows, we continue to learn about the many ways our customers are using BitSight Security Ratings to face these pressures.

Next week, Chris Porter, Chief Information Security Officer for Fannie Mae will share how his organization uses BitSight Security Ratings in a live SANS What Works webinar. Specifically, Porter will discuss how Fannie Mae uses security ratings to monitor and assess the security of third parties and vendors. Porter will also share how Fannie Mae uses their own score to track the progress of their security team. To hear his story, register for the webinar here.  

Companies from diverse industry sectors ranging from Finance to Global Manufacturing and Energy are now using BitSight Security Ratings to gain insight into their security performance and report to their boards. Moreover, companies are using their ratings to identify and mitigate security incidents on their networks.

For Jack Nichelson, Director of IT Infrastructure and Security at Chart Industries, BitSight Security Ratings provide insight used to help decide where to concentrate spending and resources.


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